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Distribute one of the finest chimney cake in the country, without kneading and baking.

Quality and taste is garantee!

Ready -made, Quick-Frozen chimneycake:

Szaki Cakes, the company, was the first one to sell ready-made Quick-Frozen chimney cake in hungary in 2007 even for sellers.

The most important that unlike the franchise offers of ours, here in this case no need of making ONLY selling them!

We bake them ready and we pack and freeze them on -40°C degrees in our factory. Thank to the quick freezing technology, they keep the good quality without drying.

We deliver the ready-frozen chimney cakes in a unit of 20pcs.

No baking, no kneading, no machines. No need any mashine to smelt them. Chimney cakes will be ready to eat in 20-25 minutes on room temperature.

There's nothing else to do but selling them for your costumers.

Over 1 million ready-made frozen chimney cakes were sold by our distributors in the last 10 years. 

So many people can't be wrong!

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Weight: 210g/pc

Lenght: 23 - 24 cm

Diameter: 9 - 10 cm

Available flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Walnut , Cocoa, Coconut

Packing unit: 20pcs / 'M30' compartment

Pallet quantity: 40 'M30' compartment (40x20pcs) / pallet

Price: Ask for an offer!


We deliver the ready-made frozen chimney cakes in 'M30' compartment. It's price 1500Huf/piece, wich money will be returned at a time you deliver them back to our factory or by delivering a new order it's given back to our courier!

Product details:

If you interested in ordering a pallet quality please ask for a special price e-mail adress!

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